What to look for when choosing a Playpen for your Baby or Toddler

crawling babyYour beautiful baby is growing up fast and before you know it they will be crawling and then walking. This is great to see but it can come with hidden dangers and as much as you want to, you can’t keep your eyes on your toddlers 24/7. Children love to investigate and something that seems completely safe to an adult can be a potential hazard to a little one.

Most of the time you will be supervising your baby and watching to see they don’t hurt themselves but what happens when the phone rings, the doorbell goes or you need to nip out of the room for something, you take your eye of them for just a minute and they’re up to mischief.

What happens if you want to get on with the cleaning or cooking, you cant keep an eye on them all the time and you cant carry them around with you all the time especially when using a hot cooker. The answer to your problem could be a playpen.

Playpens provide a convenient secure zone that you can pop your child into knowing that they will be safe secure and out of harms way. Some babies will take to them very quickly and treat them as their own little place while others may take a bit longer to get used to the idea and some may never take to them at all.

Putting their favourite toys in with them will keep them occupied as you get on with your choirs and if they are able to see you they won’t get too stressed.

Not only are playpens used for keeping your baby safe and secure they are ideal to let them play, watch the world go around or have a quick nap. As long as they are not overused and your baby isn’t left in them for hours on end they can be a very usable asset.

Although a playpen doesn’t have to be high on your list of priorities like nappies and prams it will certainly come in handy

At what age can my child use a playpen?

The ideal time to start using a playpen is around the time when your baby first starts to crawl, which should be around 6-7 months although you can get playpens that can be used from birth on.

If you are planning on buying a playpen you should buy one sooner rather than later and before your baby starts to move around freely, this will help them get familiar with it and not get stressed out, leave it too late and your baby might not take to it and you could end up with a large storage box full of baby stuff stuck in the corner.

Different types of playpens

You can purchase playpens in many different designs, shapes and sizes to suit your needs and they come in metal, traditional wood, brightly coloured plastic, fabric and travel cots that double up as playpens. They are versatile and can be folded down and put away when not in use, some can even be used in the garden. With so many playpen options available it can be hard to choose which is going to fit the needs of you and your little one.

On this website you will find a selection of the best playpens available, so feel free to browse the pages and best of luck with your purchase.

Using your playpen safely

When using your playpen there are a few simple rules to keep your toddler safe.

  • Always supervise your child.
  • Never position the playpen near an open fire or heat source.
  • Ensure no large item is left in the playpen that your child could climb on and get out.
  • In a mesh playpen the holes should be no more than half a centimeter so baby cant trap their finger.
  • The slats on a wooden, metal or plastic pen should be no more than five centimeters.
  • Avoid having anything attached that could cause strangulation.
  • Check the door locks and hinges on a regular basis for faults.
  • Use a soft base in your pen in case you baby falls.
  • Buy an approved pen with an EN12227 safety certificate.

A playpen is perfect to keep your child safe, as long as you supervise your infant in a responsible way and follow the above points then your baby will be happy and content and most of all you have piece of mind.

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